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Glamour Gurgaon is a talent stimulating organization that is committed to support upcoming talent from diverse backgrounds and appreciate new and innovative ideas that pioneer and reflect the climate. We celebrate the accomplishments of Indian women across the world and empower them to realize their goals through a life changing transformation that builds confidence and creates tremendous opportunities for winning in their journey.

MRS. WORLD INTERNATIONAL, MRS. INDIA - PRIDE OF NATION, MRS. DELHI- NCR, MRS. PUNJAB - PRIDE OF NATION and MS INDIA CURVY provides the married women who participate annually, a medium to bring in a progressive and positive change as inspirational women leaders and role models.


Beyond beauty and talent, our pageants represent the heart of every woman. We encourage and nurture self-love, healthy living, self-confidence, community service, and leadership among women through our platform initiatives. Our goal is to inspire and drive women to the realization that they are strong, independent and proficient to achieve anything they set their minds to. We, as an organization are devoted to that dream and are committed to do our best to make it possible. We hope that each of these women in our community come away with more than just a title. In our endeavour to make this happen, we always strive to bring about opportunities and benefits to all regardless of winning. We hope they see that the effects of a humble attitude, self-respect, respect for others, and the accomplishment of knowing that they are good role models will last much longer than beauty or a crown.


Our Director Barkha Nangia, is a visionary and a pioneer in the world of pageantry. Her entry into the pageant world was accompanied with a vision to give women a platform to make a difference in the world. The idea became whole when her platform enabled young and talented fashion designers, make-up artists, image consultants, stylists and motivational speakers to bring in new and innovative ways to give women confidence and poise to make their mark. Many of the participating finalists & winners of our pageants have been recognized for some brilliant work in the field of modeling, acting, theater, ramp shows, commercial advertisements, music videos & much more.

Though our beauty pageants have served as a gateway to success to many women, Mrs. Nangia believes in providing yet another platform to these participants who, during their year of participation or winning, demonstrate how important it is to raise awareness among women of breast cancer. Through her pageants, Mrs. Nangia works tirelessly towards the cause of women empowerment and believes that education is the key to success in women life. Be it fashion, education, business or home - a woman is the essence of every ecosystem, according to her.

She has conceptualized and curated some of our very successful events for married women which includes our very own Mrs. India – Pride of Nation, Mrs. Delhi NCR, Mrs. Punjab Pride of Nation, Ms India Curvy - The Plus Size Show. Women who are selected for these pageants learn about themselves and they grow in confidence. The aim is to make this transformation, a life changing experience, not only for them but for the next generation as they would inculcate the same confidence in their children.

As a director, she has liberated the concept of a beauty pageant being restricted to delicate waistlines and enchanting beauty. Her series of successful pageants embrace women who have wisdom, passion, intelligence and style. Ms. India Curvy was a major breakthrough in the Indian pageant industry, that gave birth to equal opportunity in the world of pageantry, an accomplishment like never before. It's her unique vision, her dare to dream approach and the never give up resolve, that make her peerless.

Director Barkha Nangia


Barkha Nangia


Glamour Gurgaon places emphasis on the importance of giving back to the community by providing a dedicated platform for breast cancer awareness in women. As women influencers, leaders, and role models within their communities, our participants and titleholders work to affect favorable and progressive change through volunteering and making a positive impact. During their winning year, our titleholders and participants are encouraged and guided to enhance others by dedicating themselves to raising breast cancer awareness in women and other causes that they wish to support for the wellness of the world.

Mrs. World International

Mrs. World International

Mrs. World International aims to empower the talented married woman with a global platform. We aim that the women realize their power and mobilize their capacities through a life changing transformation that builds their confidence. The auditions are conducted across various national and international cities. All the participants are groomed by industry experts. It's an experience of a lifetime and an opportunity to fulfill the dreams.

Mrs. India - Pride of Nation

Mrs. India Pride of Nation is a beauty pageant for married women that celebrates and admires the accomplishments and achievements of a wife, daughter and a mother. Mrs. India – Pride of Nation believes in giving women a platform to fulfil their dreams and work towards their goals with determination, perseverance and integrity. Our purpose is not simply finding a winner but to show women that they are all winners. The auditions are conducted throughout different cities of the Nation.

Mrs. India - Pride of Nation

Mrs. Delhi-NCR

Mrs. Delhi-NCR

Mrs. Delhi-NCR pageant is a celebration of womanhood, it brings together some of the most talented, beautiful, and socially conscious married women, who are given avenues to contribute towards social causes of the society. The auditions are held across Delhi, and after screening more than almost a thousand women, the shortlisted candidates go through extensive training sessions during the pageant and prepare for winning.

Ms India Curvy

MS INDIA CURVY is one platform that exclusively aims at inspiring and motivating plus size women of our country. These women are prepared and trained by our experts on how to enter the world of plus size modeling. The platform not only boosts confidence in women but also grooms both their inner and outer personality. We wish to convey that there is a world of opportunities out there waiting for them, however it requires them to only believe in themselves.

Ms India Curvy

Mrs. Punjab - Pride of Nation

Mrs. Punjab - Pride of Nation

Mrs. Punjab Pride of Nation pageant is one of the earliest pageants for married women of Punjab. Women from various cities, towns and villages, compete for the title every year. Our goal is not only to help fulfill their dream of walking the ramp, but also serve as a gateway to tremendous opportunities. The auditions are conducted in various cities of Punjab including Jalandhar, Amritsar and Chandigarh. The pageant, like our other platforms is associated with the social cause of creating awareness about breast cancer among the new generation of women.


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